Friday, February 21, 2014


images via Into The Gloss and Harper's Bazaar
From Supermodel Naomi Campbell, to designer maven Phoebe Philo, they've all said yes to the mid-length cut. After falling in love with the admirable beauty looks at the Marc Jacobs aw 2014 fashion show, I've been highly considering going back to my shorter hair. I had forgotten how easy and manageable hair is at this length not to mention really on trend. Never underestimate shorter hair. It still allows you to play around with it weather you want to give it some volume by adding curls or going for a wet hair look.
By dying her tips blond, even reality star Kylie Jenner proves us short hair is still as fun and sexy as long hair. It's definitely a versatile hairstyle. I personally love how modern it looks especially the sleek and straight cut with no plunging effect, the simpler the better. After sporting her signature long lucious hair for years, one of my closest friend Nadine actually had the guts to chop it all off. She went for a sleek cut right under her collarbones. It's the most flattering on her. Ladies it's definitely a yay ! Thinking of Spring and Summer coming up, this cut is mostly going to be your most practical and sexiest asset. 

PS: If you're thinking about going for it, remember it's only hair and it grows back ! 


Chic Diary said...

love the photos

beijinhos querida
Chic Diary

Kierra Makayla said...

I've been really debating this look too! Though my hair is just to the middle of my back I've been wanting to cut it some, only thing holding me back is that I've recently been trying to grow my hair out. Stuck in between!

Lauren S said...

don't say PS it grows back you're tempting me too much !! i cut mine and am still growing it long but all these bobs are making me... AHHH too pretty !
Lauren x
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Marlen said...

im just like you, i don't mind cutting off my hair from time to time. and i LOVE that midi cut- it's so sassy and playful :)

xo marlen
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mywhiteT said...

Love this length, very classy and sophisticated.

Amanda said...

Great inspo!

Amanda said...

Great inspo!

Lino said...

loveee these pictures!