Saturday, February 28, 2015

Minimalistic Ramble

wearing COS skirt, H&M jacket, ZARA knitted top, ETUI LONDON bag, H&M shoes
I have been cutting down to simple shaped and bold coloured clothes lately. Simplicity is key. My style has surely been influenced by the art school I'm attending this year. It is no surprise that art students get influenced by their work and the surroundings they frequent. My school is very conceptual oriented and I noticed a lot of student tend to have a very minimalistic view point and aesthetic. There's something peculiar about minimalistic style and how it's quite tempting to have a go at it. Although it might seem quite simple to achieve a simplistic appearance, I think there's a hole meaning and lifestyle that goes behind it. In my opinion it is firstly a way of living-that I believe Scandinavian master. These past months I feel that my style has been a mixture between simplistic wardrobe pieces such as black and white essentials and, staying true to my love of bold colours. I've always been keenly interested and appreciative of Scandinavian culture. I mean common', they do have the most beautiful furniture and clothing companies not to mention their great mindset and landscapes and oh well a lot of great things. I'm probably rambling a little here but I thought I would share my love for their culture.  

Monday, February 23, 2015


wearing COS jacket, ZARA turtleneck, Vintage suede skirt and suede boots, PROENZA SCHOULER bag, BAROKKO JEWELS necklace (here) & earrings (here)
Hurray! A new post is finally up. As much as I love blogging, I love my school and what I'm studying this year which also means a lot of my time is spent working on various design projects. Sometimes you've got to make choices. This year it is quite hard to balance school and making sure everything is held by time not to mention taking the time to take pictures, edit them, write a blog post (a real long process you guys). I hate finding excuses but this is the honest truth. Time is sacred. It's hard!
On a positive note, you can follow what I'm up to on a daily basis by checking my instagram account. I even post about some projects I'm working on. Feel free to have a look through my feed. 
I hope you are all doing well. I cannot wait for Spring to come around. This cold is driving me nuts. 
Also, do you notice something a little different with my hurr? I got extensions recently. I love having more volume and length. It definitely makes me feel more feminine. Also it makes my hair grow super fast so that's always a plus. What do you guys think of this look ? 
Until next time, X

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monthly Music Favorites | January

Better late than never! Hope everyone is doing well. Here are 15 songs I've been vibing to throughout the month of January. Any cool recommendations ? 

Monday, January 26, 2015


COS jacket, ZARA shorts, H&M sweater, ZARA scarf, Vintage boots
Oh blizzard, how I dislike you. This wind we (citizens of Geneva) had to cope with is simply the worst. When you hear 'brain freeze', merely imagine this sensation being felt in every single part of your body. Now you may be wondering why in the world was I actually wearing tights and shorts right? To be completely honest I ask myself the same question. The trick is thinking deeply that you're laying on a sand beach. (I do the same when I go skiing-even though I'm fully covered-trust me, it works). If you know me personally I'm one to brave the cold like nobody's business. I'm that one gal who you know will completely assume being not fully covered when the cold hits. Oh well! Maybe I've build some sort of shell by facing the cold all these years. I've realised my immune system has been real good to me for a good time. I rarely ever get sick (touch wood). Never say never. I might just be tomorrow ha!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Light Play

wearing COS skirt, EPISODE t-shirt, KOOKAI cardigan, gifted scarf, ZARA shoes

A couple days ago my photography professor suggested our class an amusing and different type of exercise from our usual wanders around town. We had the opportunity to play around with the different types of lighting used in the photography studio. Here is a glimpse of what it turned out from my friend Catarina's lens. Of course our roles were reversed so I also took great shots of her. Although some of you might like the actual background of a scenery a little more, I thought it could be fun to share these pictures with you as an outfit post. To be honest I was quite impressed with the result as we shot these pictures with our basic reflex yet the automatic lights made such a difference You would think these were shot professionally right ? What you you guys think of the result ? Overall it was such a great experience as we learned a lot about the operation of a photo shoot as well as the various lighting used for photography. On another note, can I just say how funny some of these shots actually look. I ain't no model and this was all about having fun and experiencing with different poses and expressions.