Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday | Day Uniform #1

background painting by Henri Matisse
PIXIE MARKET eyelet top, TOPSHOP skirt, &OTHER STORIES sunnies, JEFFREY CAMPBELL shoes (similar here), GORJANA necklace, &OTHER STORIES bag

Since back to school is right around the corner, I'm beginning a little series of 4 looks that I will be posting every Wednesday (until 10th September). I know not all outfits will correspond to your style and school/uni dressing code but nonetheless these looks can be worn on a Saturday out with friends, a Sunday brunch, A day at the museum… Also keep in mind that you can always pick out inspiration from each look!
It is not because you hear the word September that your wardrobe needs to change drastically. Summer isn't over yet, who said you had to trade your funky tops for chunky knits yet. In honor of this last warm month, I decided to create a rather laid-back end of Summertime look. Navy and white will always remain classics to me. A great way to experiment with those two timeless shades is to play up with the shapes and cuts of your outfit. I like a good old A-lined skirt as it's very flattering and elegant. A flirty eyelet detailed top is a great way to break off from the many striped pattern on the skirt. I think it's great to accessorize with such classic colors. A pop of burgundy really adds a bold element to the look. Never forget a party on your feet never killed nobody. I like a statement shoe and these cut offs detailed ones are a go tp to with this outfit. To keep it cool and casual, a cross body earth toned bag is always a great touch. Add on some dainty necklaces if you're into it and voila! First look completed, What do you think? 
Until Next Time, X

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sparse Diamonds

#teenvogue // wearing ZARA polo top (similar here), &OTHER STORIES skirt (similar here & here), H&M shoes, VINTAGE sunnies
Long time no see people of the internet! Glad to be back after a wild and memorable road trip to the South of France with my best friends. I was down south for a week. We were headed to Aigues-Morte a lovely commune in the heart of Camargue in France. Imagine a light blue van with 7 girls on board departing from Geneva to Aigues-Morte (approximately a 5h30min ride). Not to mention the air con was broken. Fortunately that didn't bother us that much. We had the music blasting throughout the whole trip which distracted quite a lot from the heat. Of course we visited a couple places while we were there such as La Grande Motte, Montpellier, Nîmes, Uzès, Saintes-Marie-De-La-Mer and a some others along the way! I had never been on a road trip for this long with friends and yet I thought it wasn't for me, I loved it! I feel like the most important part is the people with who you travel with. Surround yourself with positive and trust worthy friends and that's it. You're bound to have the time of your life! I hope you all had a wonderful week so far. I wore this funky ensemble last day. I don't know why but these pieces seem very different from each other as they each embody a different look however they seem to work together for a reason. I actually really like how it turned out! What do you guys think? The light was so bright I thought I shined like a diamond…jk…get it?…maybe…yes…okay bye haha! Until next time loves! X 

Friday, August 01, 2014

In The Fast Lane, Living Life Without Knowing

#teenvogue // wearing ZARA blouse (similar here & here), URBAN OUTFITTERS pants (similar here), LOUIS VUITTON bag, ZARA sandals (similar here), HERMES bracelet
YES, I'm wearing those sandals again, NO I'm not planning on saying goodbye to them anytime soon. You know that feeling when you start loving an item so much you forget about the rest. Well, I'm coming to the point where I can barely remember what my feet looked like in other shoes. And yet I thought I was not a heel kinda gal. Okay maybe I haven't come to that level yet but can we please appreciate the fact that I've been adding a little height to my everyday life. Haha just kidding guys! I hope you all had a great week. Mine consisted of running errands, getting things done, and appreciating a couple 1$ hot dogs at Ikea. I mean rainy days can only mean one thing. Spending afternoon at interior design stores. Am I right ladies? You know, casually testing out all of the displayed furniture...Since I've been complaining about the rain in my last post there's been some weather improvements. I'm not wearing long sleeves which can only mean Mr. Sunshine decided it was time to take a peak.
I opted for a fairly comfortable look today. This lightweight button up sleeveless shirt felt just right. To compliment the white stripes I went for my trusty pair of cream pants, threw on a shoulder bag and headed for a promenade around town. Can you guess which song I'm referring to in the title ? Have a great weekend loves, 
Until next time, X